Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions Part Three Detection

Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions – Part Three – Detection

:Detection of the Electromagnetic-Pollution:
In order to deal with the effects of electromagnetic pollution in our daily lives, we must first be able to identify the sources, which may be having negative effects on our bodies, and determine by their relative strength how adversely each source may be affecting us. This chapter deals with some methods of detecting the source and strength of electromagnetic fields.
Some of the potential sources for ionizing radiation include radon gas, sunlight, cosmic radiation, bedrock, ceramics with uranium oxide glazing, radium dial clocks and watches, lantern mantles, rock collections, leaking ionization-type smoke detectors, leaking compact fluorescent lamp ballasts, x-rays, airline travel, nuclear reactors and nuclear wastes from medicine, industry or the military. Allowable levels have been decreased time after time as more of the dangers became known, as shown below. It is most likely that the same will be true for non-ionizing radiation some day. The following limits were set on permissible exposure for radiation workers:
Year: Exposure (rem per year):
Prior to 1925 no limit
1925 46 rem per year
1934 32 rem per year
1950 15 rem per year
1957 5 rem per year
For the general public, more stringent exposure limits were set:
Year: Exposure (rem per year):
1958 1.5 rem per year
1952 0.5 rem per year (for total population)
1958 0.17 rem per year (average for an individual)
At present: while the standards of the 1950’s remain in force, it is acknowledged that there is no level that is 100% safe, since even a single radioactive particle can cause a genetic change that could initiate cancer. This is actually happening constantly in the body, but the unstressed immune system is able to identify and eliminate these damaged cells. Increased rates of cancer and other disease have been demonstrated at levels at least 30 times lower than the levels permitted.
Single use radiation test kits for radon are now widely available for a reasonable price. This is important because radon accounts for about a third of all the background radiation exposure. This test is needed tell you if your house is high or low in radon, since it can vary with construction and geology, even within the same neighborhood. The least expensive test in a list compiled by Consumer Reports was only $12. This is an important and inexpensive test. High radon levels have been found in homes in all 50 states.
Dosimeters are continuously-monitoring Geiger counters for measurement of nuclear radiation. Some can detect a range from 0.5 to 50 mR/hour and provide either visual or auditory count indication.
Radaltert is an accumulating radiation monitor, which can be hooked up to IBM compatible computers for graphing and data analysis. It can also be set to produce an alert signal when a given radiation threshold is reached. It is sensitive to alpha, beta, gamma and x-rays.
Personal Radiation Detectors do not measure the level of radiation, but simply “glow in the dark” in the presence of radiation levels above .4 rem per hour. They are relatively inexpensive.
Ultraviolet light detectors are also available. Many eye doctors have them in their offices to check UV absorption of ophthalmic lenses. Some are as simple as a card that fits into your wallet. If you use sunglasses, you should have one of these simple, inexpensive cards. Normally, the pupil of the eye gets smaller in bright light, protecting the inside of the eye from excess UV exposure. Sunglasses’ tints absorb visible light, so the pupil stays larger. If these same lenses do not absorb UV, that means the sunglasses are causing an increase in UV exposure to the delicate tissues of the eye.
Metal detector: A simple metal detector will detect some of the shifts in the magnetic field, such as those caused by the presence of ferromagnetic materials including iron. An example is the magnetic field aberrations induced in many beds by the metal springs of the mattress or the metal cross-braces supporting the mattress.
Geo-Magnetometer: Developed by Dr. Ludger Mersmann, this sensitive instrument produces a 3 dimensional graph of geomagnetic disturbance fields.
Surface tension: The effect on the surface tension of water placed in an electromagnetic field can be measured using a sensitive balance and a platinum-iridium ring as in the Du Nouy type tensiometer.
Simultaneous measurement of electrical and magnetic components:
Trifield Meter is an inexpensive meter providing independent measurement of low frequency electrical and magnetic field components. In addition, it has a setting to measure higher frequency radiation in the radio and microwave range.
Some more expensive meters, such as the EmdexC, measure all 3 magnetic field axes and the electrical field simultaneously. They are designed for connection to a computer in order to provide data analysis and graphics.
Other instruments for both electrical and magnetic field measurements are available; however, most are designed and priced for the professional.
The Trifield Meter measures the magnetic component of EMF, as well as the electrical component and radio and microwaves.
M116 Digital Magnetic Field Meter is a magnetic sensor attachment for standard multi-meters to allow measurement of fields greater than 0.1 milligauss.
Magalert 660 measures 60 Hz magnetic fields from 0.1 to 100 milligauss.
60 Hz Magnetic Field Meter measures 60 Hz magnetic fields ranging from share this website 0.01 to 2,000 milligauss. It provides both auditory and visual alarms. Options are available for 3-axis measurements and for data logging.
You can even make your own simple magnetic field detector using inexpensive materials and a telephone speaker.
Microwave and Radio-Frequencies (R.F.):
Microwave radiation now comes at us in many forms:
alarm systems
cellular phones, CB’s, pagers, walkie-talkies and other radio communication systems
diathermy and other medical uses
electronic games
remote control devices
microwave ovens
radar devices
dish antennae
signal generators
The effects of microwave exposure can include:
birth defects and stillbirths
skin burns and cataracts
nervous system effects, including calcium mishandling, blood-brain barrier disturbance, impaired judgment and irritability
endocrine dysfunction
fatigue and muscular weakness
genetic damage
cardiovascular damage
increased lymphocyte count and leukemia
The Trifield Meter has a setting for measuring the radiation in the radio and microwave range, in addition to measuring the magnetic and electrical components of lower frequency electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves can also be detected (but not measured) by inexpensive devices available at Radio Shack stores.
AM radio: An ordinary, inexpensive AM radio is your most accessible device to demonstrate the presence of some types of man-made electromagnetic pollution. Most radios now have circuitry to reduce static interference, and will not be useful. Some fields over about 1 milligauss will be heard as static the volume turned up and the tuner set between stations. Fields of this strength were implicated in increasing leukemia rates in a study in Denver. Think of this the next time you experience difficulty getting good reception on part of the AM radio dial. You can experiment with your AM radio and discover some of the high field emitters in your area, such as electric rail lines, etc. To detect many EMF sources, though, the radio technique is not adequate. A meter is the way to go. Also, note that even most cheap radios now incorporate circuitry to inhibit static interference from electromagnetic fields, so you may have to search to find an old enough or cheap enough radio to serve as a detector.
Very-Low-Frequencies (V.L.F.):
VLF frequencies are extremely important for anyone who works at a computer or sits close when watching television.
VLF Safe Meter (not in production) measures the VLF components of VDTs, television sets and some fluorescent lights in the 104 Hz range. It is a professional quality instrument, and its use does require some understanding of geometry and mathematics.
Extreme-Low-Frequencies (E.L.F.):
ELF frequencies are the most common source of electromagnetic stress coming from power lines, transformers, electric wiring and appliances including TVs and computers, which also emit in the VLF range.
ELF Safe Meter (not in production) measures the 50 to 60 Hz (ELF) fields given off by the electrical distribution system and electrical appliances, including the ELF component of VDT and television emissions.
Detection of the Biology-Effects:
Mustard Seedlings: Bioassay of mustard seedlings has been used extensively to study the effects of subtle levels of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Sprouts of mung bean, wheat, barley, oats, mustard, kale, rape, parsley, celery, carrot, peas, broad beans, sweet peas, lettuce and cress have also been used successfully. Plant species visibly affected by non-ionizing radiation include mistletoe, crow garlic (Allium vinealis), yew, hawthorn, hazel, and apple. Others have been reported as well.
Violets (Viola odorata) and other species sensitive to ionizing radiation are used to detect the presence of radioactivity.
Kirlian photographs of leaves and needles of trees and plants show bioenergetic changes to electromagnetic and sound stimuli. Plants, like animals, can transduce sound into electromagnetic fields internally.
The “L-fields” or electromagnetic fields of live trees were continuously monitored by Professor Burr of Yale University. The L-field is a measurement of the biologically produced electrical potential of an organism.
The fields of life, or “L-fields” of animals of many species were studied extensively by Professor Burr as well.
Historically, Greeks and Romans inspected the livers of animals grazing on a site before considering construction of a city there. Later, in medieval times, European builders would test building sites for geopathic stress by grazing sheep there to see if they would avoid the site. They also oriented the location and design of the city in relation to the solar system, as did the Chinese. The Emperor Kuang Yu published an edict requiring that building sites be probed for underground water currents in order to avoid their negative health effects.
Bio-Energetic Regulatory (BER) Medicine is a major new force in the medical community of Europe and around the world. The best reason for this is its effectiveness. Rather than blocking the body’s expression of symptoms, this approach focuses on supporting the body’s functions. Its methods are compatible with the many traditions of natural healing handed down in cultures around the world. While drawing on these time-proven solutions from nature, BER often utilizes space age technology to monitor the minute electro-magnetic functions of the body. This information base provides a cybernetic or feedback system approach to the understanding of biological processes and their responses to potential interventions. By analyzing stress patterns on an information level, only those support systems from nature which are effective and well tolerated by the individual at that time are actually used. This eliminates the waste of time and biological energy involved in trial and error approaches. Since this method taps into the biological information system, which controls every body function, even subtle but significant functional stresses of the mind, emotions, and factors like electromagnetic stresses can be probed and neutralized before they cause greater disturbances. BER methods have evolved from the application of modern electronics to traditional healing methods such as acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal medicine.
Oriental Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):
Pulse diagnosis: The pulse is carried by the circulatory system, which is usually one of the first to be affected by electromagnetic stress. The pulse is observed by finger pressure at the points known as:
mu points (abdomen),
shu points (paraspinal) and
yuan (wrist and ankle) points.
Akabane is another way to find imbalances in the body’s electromagnetic channels or meridians. It is a technique for measuring thermal sensitivity to a 450¾F infrared stimulus at the jing well points by the fingernails). This is an electromagnetic stimulus (infrared photons) testing the sensitivity to pain from heat. It is greatly dependent upon the quality of the circulation in its ability to dissipate that heat. Circulation is one of the primary functions interfered with by electromagnetic stresses.
Burr’s L-field measurements record the body’s DC voltage up to about 20 millivolts at an electrode in contact with part of the body, in relation to a reference electrode elsewhere on the body. Field voltages at short distances from the body can also be measured sometimes.
Ryodoraku electrodiagnosis using 6 volt, 12 volt and 21 volt DC current at the yuan points of the wrist and ankle.
Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) using 0.9 volt DC at over 800 points of the EAV system, especially Voll’s 40 Control Measurement Points (CMP) of the fingers and toes.
Bioelectronic Functions Diagnosis (BFD) using 0.9 volts to 5 volts DC at the Voll CMP or the fingertip jing well points.
Vegetative Reflex Test (VRT, formerly the Vegatest Method (VTM) using 1.5 volts DC at any reactive acupoint, monitoring stress and relaxation responses to electromagnetic stimuli. Such stimuli can carry information relative to organs, meridians, nutrients, foods, remedies, health conditions, toxins, chakras, colors, electromagnetic frequencies, emotions, etc.
Kinesiology (Muscle-Testing):
Applied Kinesiology (AK) Touch for Health, Educational Kinesiology (EK) and Behavioral Kinesiology (BK) systems can be utilized to test stresses and their relaxation through remedies, affirmations (writing), declarations (speaking), visualizations, and other modalities.
Biokinesiology utilitzes the same procedural protocols and stimuli as the Vegatest Method, monitoring responses through kinesiology rather than electroacupuncture.
Biofield Analysis (utilizing surrogate Biokinesiology) makes possible the remote testing of an individual anywhere in the world via a surrogate testing protocol. Surrogate testing originally derived from the observation of practitioners that lactating women would show dramatic alterations in their energy field measurements upon contact with their child. These patterns were then traced to the stress factors affecting the infant. Thus, the mother could be tested as a substitute or surrogate for the infant.
Remote Testing has proven successful for over 10 years with clients spanning the globe. For individuals who prefer or require guidance for home-based self-care anywhere in the world, this now provides an affordable option. Following is a sample of unsolicited comments of the participants in this program. Underlines were made by the clients themselves.
:Learning of the Body’s-Language:
M.Z. in Washington State, in response to blind testing of herbal samples she had sent along with her regular testing, writes: “The results on my test packets was really interesting. ‘A’ was an herbal mix that is supposed to be for rebuilding of body systems. ‘B’ was a blood cleansing formula and ‘C’ is red raspberry leaf collected in the wild near our Idaho home. The really interesting aspect is that I wanted to start taking the teas again after I ran out of the vitamins so I used my gold ring as a pendulum to test them myself. I got the same results you did without the details. Gives me a bit more confidence in my own intuitive processes.”
:Sensing of the Balance:
P.L. in Vermont, regarding 3 family members in the program, writes, “I see improvement here in many areas which is encouraging. Are you coming east this summer or shall we continue with the samples?” Three months later, the same client writes: “l found my test results fascinating as usual and was most amazed to see the reference to my injured cervical vertebrae, which had been bothering me to extremes within the last couple of months (for which discomfort I am off to a Shiatsu masseur). And my eyes periodically play tricks on me, neither of which symptom I mentioned. I am impressed.… It’s fascinating to be able to actually feel myself get in and out of whack!” The last reference related to waiting longer than optimal between follow-ups, in order to budget for participation by all family members.
A few other typical examples help to show the power of remote sensing and balancing of the body’s electromagnetic energy field:
:Information by the Biocommunication:
V.W. in Washington State reported by phone today that her jaw had stopped aching until she ran out of the homeopathic “Acute Virotox.” She said that she thinks the surrogate test results were correct that the jaw pain is related to Herpes zoster, not only because of the response with the support of the remedy, but also because she has had a history of Herpes zoster breaking out on the cheek in that very area in the past. She had never thought to mention this part of her medical history to us before.
:Re: Generations:
K.S. in New York had finished replacing all of her mercury based amalgam fillings several months previously, when testing again showed a mercury resonance. This time, however, it was at a much higher homeopathic potency, indicating that this effect had most likely been inherited or acquired in utero. When she discussed this test finding with her mother, she learned for the first time that her mother had received several mercury based fillings during her pregnancy with K.S. Since mercury is known to cross the placenta, concentrating up to 24 times higher levels in fetal than maternal tissues, preventively oriented nations like Sweden have outlawed the use of silver amalgam fillings. which contain 40 to 50% mercury, in pregnant women.
Kirlian photography shows the body’s own electromagnetic energy fields surrounding the fingertips and toes, which represent the endpoints of the meridians. The interpretation of these fields has been researched in Europe. The high frequency electrical field produced by a Tesla coil utilized to create such a photograph is itself a powerful electromagnetic stimulus. Other methods of probing will not be as accurate immediately following such a test. It is still an excellent objective screening tool, although it should not be used by extremely electromagnetically sensitive individuals.
Segmental Electrograph (SEG) measures the body’s regulatory capacity in response to varying degrees of electromagnetic stress in each of the main body areas. In this way a completely objective analysis can be made which pinpoints physical problem areas long before they can be seen with standard medical imaging techniques. This is similar to research in geology showing that changes in the earth’s electrical conductivity precede other indicators in prediction of earthquakes. Since living organisms respond to such subtle electrical changes, this may also explain observations of changes in animal behavior prior to earthquakes.
Bioelectronics of Vincent (B.E.V.), also called Biological Terrain Assessment (B.T.A.) is another totally objective assessment of the body’s electromagnetic status, but in this case based upon a very precise determination of the biophysical measurement of both the electrical factor and the magnetic factor in the various body fluids. The fluids usually tested are the blood representing what the body contains, the urine representing what the body is eliminating, and the saliva representing what the body is producing in order to digest and absorb nutrients.
Intuition, psychic perception, and direct sensations due to hypersensitivity: Each individual has a unique threshold sensitivity pattern for electromagnetic stimuli. In practice, some individuals can detect their responses to extremely minute fields. This is theoretically possible if in these extreme cases, the whole body can act as a resonator or antenna. Also the mode of perception varies. One person may notice strange feelings, another experiences ringing or buzzing in the ears, while yet a third person suffers visual disturbances from the same field. In general, hypersensitivity of the senses and of intuition is commonly seen in those who suffer from hypersensitivity to EMF. Those who are not sensitive enough to perceive effects of typical EMFs directly can often learn to amplify subliminal effects using some simple devices and techniques introduced below.
Amplification of Body Knowledge or Intuition: This is a type of biofeedback setup where subtle movement patterns are naturally amplified to a level where they can be perceived by the normal senses. Some of these methods have been practiced for many generations in various parts of the world. They continue to provide valuable information about subtle levels of energy, such as those distinguishing underground water. A good water dowser can save most of their clients thousands of dollars by finding a good water supply on the first drilling for a well.
Metal or wood dowsing rods: Rods are designed to swing very freely and therefore to be sensitive amplifiers of slight neuromuscular responses in the body.
The Hartmann Society in Europe produces adjustable rods to pick up specific fields. By adjusting the length of the rod, it is found that specific frequencies can be more precisely scanned.
Pendulums: Stone or metal pendulums on the end of a cord or chain are often used to amplify the body’s subliminal physiological responses to questions. As with rods, the length of the pendulum can be varied to increase sensitivity to harmonic frequency bands.
Radionics or radiesthesia is a form of biofeedback or amplification of subtle body responses. Radionics instruments range from homemade models to the SE5 computer. Their common element is the use of numbers or rates for the different resonances and a stick plate, which is rubbed by the fingertips. The degree of stickiness felt or the sound heard when the fingers begin to stick on the material provides the amplified feedback for the subtle autonomic nervous system responses being monitored.
:Sleuthing for the Hidden-Dangers:
A young boy came to me as a client in New York in 1987. He was showing early body energy patterns of auto-immune reactions in the area of the rectum, BER findings initially indicated emotional stresses related to this pattern. This was confirmed by further history taking during which the mother then revealed a previously undisclosed history of sexual abuse. This stress pattern was found to match closely with the energy resonance of a particular flower essence which was then used as a remedy. The auto-immune energy pattern decreased, but was not eliminated completely at a follow-up visit a month later. Instead, a second contributing cause was identified. This was electromagnetic stress, specifically potentiating the auto-immune energy pattern in this same rectal tissue. Further discussion with the boy and his mother revealed that he would habitually climb up and sit on a metal electrical box on the roadside while waiting for the school bus each morning. By understanding the preventive significance of changing this behavior pattern, the boy was able to change his habit. Through this early intervention, perhaps years before the potential appearance of any physical pathology, he was able to eliminate this health risk pattern.
Successful solutions to the subtle and complex problems of energy fields often involve a combination of several strategies. When fields are man-made, they can potentially be eliminated or moved. When they are naturally occurring, experience has shown that avoidance is the best long-term strategy. In any case the sensitive or susceptible will want to support their own bodily systems in the face of any such stressor. Support continues to be a clinically important factor in recovery from more severe stress effects for as long as several years following actual elimination of exposure to the stressor. The most commonly helpful solutions to electromagnetic pollution are discussed in the next section:

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