Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions Part One Electrostress

Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions – Part One – Electrostress

: Case-History
: Hidden-Dangers & Practical-Solutions
A young boy had been diagnosed with leukemia. He was receiving the best care of both the orthodox and the natural medical practitioners. His naturopathic doctor, one of the author’s mentors, found through Bio-Energetic Regulation tests that electromagnetic stress was a causative factor in this case. The family lived well within a quarter mile of one of the large transmission lines that course through Toronto.
Being skeptical about the significance of the electromagnetic stress, the family was taking a wait and see approach, while doing everything else possible to help the boy. During this time, the leukemia continued to worsen, although it was a slow decline because of the good medical and naturopathic care.
Then, during the summer, the family unknowingly conducted a clinical trial of moving the boy out of the electromagnetic stress field. He had gone to stay with his grandmother for a couple weeks. For the first time in his treatment, he showed improvement in his blood count. When this improvement began to fade rapidly, the family was convinced of the value of further investigation.
Again the boy was sent off to grandma’s, and for the second time showed improved response to his treatments. Finally, this family hod gained enough personal experience through their own investigations to confirm the original Vegatest findings of their N.D. In this case, it was actually necessary for the family to sell this house and move to one in a less polluted electromagnetic environment. This was a small price to pay for the health of their son, however.
: Chapter:~1.
What is: Electromagnetic-Stress?
In physics, as first proposed by Einstein, there is ultimately one unified energy field. This field has been perceived and comprehended in this century in the form of the four forces of physics. These are the strong and weak forces of the atomic nucleus, the force of gravity, which acts on the scale of the heavenly bodies, and electromagnetism, which governs interactions on the molecular scale.
The process of life depends entirely upon electromagnetic interactions between the molecules, which make up our bodies. The making and breaking of chemical bonds is electromagnetic. The release of energy from food is electromagnetic. When two electromagnetic fields are superimposed, the interaction is called interference.
What is: Electromagnetic-Stress?
Electromagnetic stress is metabolic disruption caused by electromagnetic interference. This can be due to artificial or natural electromagnetic fields. As these fields interpenetrate the tissues of the body they alter the electromagnetic functions of the body. Because electromagnetic fields are generally silent, invisible, odorless, and tasteless, they usually go unidentified as a source of stress.
For the cause of the electromagnetism-stress is with the metabolism-disruption by the electromagnetism-interference.
: Table:~1.:
: Stress-Relation-Diseases:
Addiction, e.g. nicotine, caffeine, sugar
Anti-social behavior
Back pain
Chronic viral syndromes
Drug abuse
Eating disorders, e.g. Anorexia, Bulimia
Frequent infections
Heart Attack
Most chronic conditions
Muscle cramps and tension
TMJ problems
Vision problems
Andrew, R. J., Beyond Disease, The Energy Economics of Preventive Health, (Reno, Nevada: Earthly Promotions, 1983).
Electromagnetic stress is common in today’s world of computers, telephones, electric lights, and the array of electrical gadgetry. Because of the increasing use of electricity for the past century, electromagnetic interference even shows up high in the ionosphere. Anomalies in the ionosphere are traceable to the electrical grid here on earth because they show up on the weekends when more power remains in the grid, producing resonance effects at that distance.
These anomalies, like the grids that induce them, oscillate at 60 Hz over the U.S.A. and 50 Hz over Europe. Electromagnetic stress affects our energy and vitality, leaving us unable to cope with the normal processes of life, including detoxification, rejuvenation and regeneration, which are normal daily bodily functions, especially during sleep. The reason for these effects being strongest at night is simple: we leave our body in one location in space for hours, exposing it to whatever the ambient electromagnetic fields may be in our bedroom including those put out by whatever is plugged into the wall sockets. At the same time, the body at rest produces a smaller, more sensitive field of its own.
: Law:~2:
For the tragedies of our occupations, schools, and homes are with no knowledge of the harm by these fields.
Of course, there are occupations that can unknowingly expose us to harmful fields as well, not to mention entire schools and homes which are exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation from power lines. To understand the scope of the problem and the range of solutions requires an understanding of how fundamental the electromagnetic spectrum is. The following tables illustrate the range and types of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) oscillations to which we are exposed, both from natural and man-made sources.
Picture a piano keyboard with 6 octaves. Now imagine a keyboard 10 times as long. That long keyboard represents the part of the electromagnetic spectrum we know. Each note is like a radio or television station, broadcasting from its own spot on the dial. Like the familiar electromagnetic broadcasts of radio and TV, each channel has its unique programming with that musical note carrying with it a particular stream of information. When we pick up two channels at the same spot on the dial, there is interference. It is impossible to get meaning out of the information broadcast to us.
The human body receives electromagnetic signals from its natural environment as well as from itself. These range from energy transfers and biochemical reactions on the molecular magnetic level, to sensing the changing seasons by the length of daylight from the sun. The light we see from the sun is all contained within one octave of that full keyboard. Other biologically important notes extend out over at least 32 octaves. It is mind boggling to realize just how extensively electromagnetic stress can interfere with our natural programming.
Let’s explore the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic energy can hover in space as one magnet above another. It is the magnetic repulsion of the nuclei of all atoms that produces the field-space of which we are formed. Electromagnetic energy also radiates outward in communication with all that is, telling of its source to the ends of the universe, never to be withdrawn. This ‘light’ travels at approximately 186,000 miles per second. This can also be expressed as 1.86 x 105 mile-Hertz. A waveform with a length of 1.865 x 10 miles would thus pass through us once in a single second. With over 63 thousand inches per mile, an inch is about 1.6 x 10-5 miles.
: Law:~3:
For those waveforms with the resonance of the body and of its chemistry are as the fast-vibrations with the energy of the destruction, energizing or communication of our molecules.
Nature’s-Life-Spectrum: frequency-ranges:
Frequency: Wavelength:
10^43 Hz 10^-33 inch Superstring-Length
10^24 Hz 10^-14 inch Superlight from black holes & quasars
(shadow = gravity; speed = c^2)
10^23 Hz 10^-13 inch Atomic nuclei
Frequency: Wavelength:
10^23 Hz 10^-13 inch cosmic radiation
10^22 Hz 10^-12 inch
10^21 Hz 10^-11 inch
10^20 Hz 10^-10 inch gamma rays
10^19 Hz 10^-9 inch x-rays, atomic resonance
10^18 Hz 10^-8 inch x-rays, atomic resonance
10^17 Hz 10^-7 inch ionizing ultraviolet, molecules
Frequency: Wavelength:
10^16 Hz 10^-6 inch non-ionizing ultraviolet, macromolecules:
protein, enzymes, viruses, DNA
10^15 Hz 10^-5 inch near UV, bacteria
10^14 Hz 10^-4 inch visible light spectrum, temperature of the sun,
cellular resonance
10^13 Hz 10^-3 inch infrared (IR, heat), fungi, water
10^12 Hz 10^-2 inch morphic resonance field, FIR
10^11 Hz 10^-1 inch morphic resonance field
10^10 Hz 1 inch molecular resonance; width of Kirlian field;
FIR penetration into body
10^9 Hz 1 foot individual organ resonance
10^8 Hz 10 feet total human body resonance
Frequency: Wavelength:
10^7 Hz 100 feet environment
10^6 Hz 1000 feet environment
10^5 Hz 1 mile environment
10^4 Hz 10 miles thunderstorms, high pitch sound
2 x 10^3 Hz 200 miles nuclear magnetic (proton) resonance (NMR) with
geomagnetic field (GMF)
10^3 Hz 10^2 miles muscle & nerve potentials, high pitch sound
10^2 Hz 10^3 miles mid-range sound
10^1 Hz 10^4 miles brain waves (EEG), earth’s Schumann field,
low pitch sound
10^0 Hz 10^5 miles heart beat (EKG); distance to the moon; heart/love
resonance with our Mother/Wisdom
10^-1 Hz 10^6 miles physiological functions: breath, parastalsis
geophysical oscillation
10^-2 Hz 10^7 miles oxygen supply in the body
10^-3 Hz 10^8 miles distance to the sun; resonance with the Christ
10^-4 Hz 10^9 miles meridian activity dominance (2 hours)
10^-5 Hz 10^10 miles day/night cycle of earth’s electromagnetic field
10^-6 Hz 10^13 miles lunar phase cycle
10^-8 Hz 10^15 miles annual seasonal cycle
10^-9 Hz 10^14 miles 11, 22 year solar activity cycles: sun spots,
storms, flares
10^-11 Hz 10^16 miles 1200 year solar activity cycle
earth’s magnetic field: 50% reduction in 500 years
Jamming of the life-spectrum:
Technology-Spectrum: frequency-ranges:
Sensing of the Creation:
Frequency: Wavelength:
10^48 Hz 10^-38 inch Future-Estimate: LIGO/VIRGO Interferometer & LISA
10^45 Hz 10^-35 inch Future: LIGO/VIRGO Interferometer
10^44 Hz 10^-34 inch Future: NAUTILUS: Resonance-Bar-Detector
10^42 Hz 10^-32 inch NAUTILUS: Resonance-Bar-Detector
10^41 Hz 10^-31 inch Interferometry-Telescopes
10^40 Hz 10^-30 inch Interferometry-Telescopes
Frequency: Wavelength:
10^23 Hz 10^-13 inch radio-activity, fall-out
10^20 Hz 10^-10 inch medical and military gamma rays
10^19 Hz 10^-9 inch medical x-rays
10^18 Hz 10^-8 inch medical x-rays
10^17 Hz 10^-7 inch increasing due to oxygen/ozone depletion:
oxygen reduced nearly 50% from historical levels
Frequency: Wavelength:
10^16 Hz 10^-6 inch deficient in artificial lighting, absorbed by:
window glass and eyeglass lenses
10^15 Hz 10^-5 inch deficient in artificial lighting
10^14 Hz 10^-4 inch distorted in artificial lighting:
deficiencies and excesses in specific ranges
10^13 Hz 10^-3 inch EHF: millimeter wave communications, heat
10^12 Hz 10^-2 inch low frequency IR
10^11 Hz 10^-1 inch high frequency microwave
10^10 Hz 1 inch SHF: microwave radio, ovens:
when a neighbor cooks by microwave, you are exposed
via resonance over the power lines
10^9 Hz 1 foot UHF: airport, police, military radar
10^8 Hz 10 feet VHF: FM broadcasting
Frequency: Wavelength:
10^7 Hz 100 feet HF: short wave radio
10^6 Hz 1000 feet MF: AM broadcasting
10^5 Hz 1 mile LF: navigation beacons; LFAS weapons that kill
marine life
10^4 Hz 10 miles radio telegraphy, noise, CRTs
10^3 Hz 100 miles VLF, high tanki online hack ios pitch noise, television, computer VDTs
10^2 Hz 1000 miles VLF, mid-range noise
6 x10^1 Hz 10^4 mile electric power systems (6 x101 Hz in Europe),
electric hum: The pitch most commonly hummed by
people when asked to make a spontaneous pitch matches
the power frequency of their country.
10^1 Hz 10^4 mile ELF, vibration, computer VDTs, television
10^0 Hz 10^5 miles ULF
10^-1 Hz 10^6 mile ULF
10^-2 Hz 10^7 mile ULF
0 Hz 10^8+ mile static fields:
magnets and capacitors in television sets, stereo
speakers, telephone receivers, etc.
:Self-Zapping & Self-Healing:
A physician in Oregon who himself has diabetes was in the habit of wearing a beeper on his left side. Neither he nor his personal physicians realized the potential significance of this source of electromagnetic fields so close to the body. When he developed a chronic inflammation in his left foot, however, nothing would get rid of it. He tried many treatments, both natural and allopathic, yet still the inflammation continued. Only when the author identified the connection between the location of the beeper and its electromagnetic stress field on precisely the same meridian as the inflamed area of the foot was improvement possible. The acupuncture meridians carry not only a flow of energy, but also metabolic waste products. The flow is driven by the body’s own electromagnetic field. When a much stronger field is superimposed, it can block the flow of the meridian, resulting in energy imbalances, functional disturbances and toxicity buildup. Over longer periods of time, clinical disease is the result.
In 1987, Karen began noticing sleep disturbance, especially difficulty falling asleep without any apparent reason. This occurred after putting a touch-on lamp on a bedside table. The problem was identified through a Vegatest electromagnetic scan during a routine evaluation, and removal of the lamp from the bedside resulted in immediate relief.
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